Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chapter 2- Discovery

It was cold, the trees rustled with the wintery breeze that would soon bring a heavy blanket of snow. Eragon, a boy of fifteen, stood near a small glen pondering his next move. He had intense brown eyes, clothes worn from work, he carried a hunting knife made of bone and a buckskin tube that was slung around his back protected his bow and arrows. He also carried only one small pack meant for his blankets and food. He had been led by his prey, a doe who had a limp in her forefoot, deep into the Spine. The Spine was a range of untamed mountains that extended up and down the land of Alagaesia. Although many believe the Spine a cursed land, said only to bring bad luck, illnesses, and death, Eragon never feared the Spine. He was the only hunter in Carvahall that dared go into it. It was his third day of the hunt, and he was running out of food, if he did not catch the doe by tonight he would have to go home empty handed. He knelt down to examine the does tracks. She wasn't far ahead, pulling out his bow and lucky arrow, he made his way to the glen. He creeped up into the glen and scanned the area, searching among the sleeping deer, for his ill doe. He had found her on the outskirts of the herd, fast asleep. He crept a little closer and drew three arrows, he nocked one holding the others in his left hand. As soon as he was sure and accurate he let the arrow fly. Just as he did so a flash of green enveloped the glen, waking the deer. He nocked another bow and aimed for the deer, it missed her by an inch and wizzed off into the trees. He ran after them, but they were to fast and he soon lost his sight of them. He returned to the glen to investigate the flash, he saw a huge oval shaped stone. It looked to be sapphire, with white viens running all along it. He hit it with his bow, making sure it was safe, then cautiously he picked it up. He thought and pondered on where it came from, how it got here, why was it here, what purpose did it have. He knew there was no purpose other than selling it for food so he decided he would take it back to Carvahall and sell it there. He made his way out of the glen and made a small camp. After he had unrolled his blankets he eat the rest of his food and went to sleep.

Yew- Fine-grained wood of an evergreen tree, used primarily for making bows.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Prologue: Shade of Fear

It was late at night, a shade sniffed the air, he looked human, though his crimson hair and maroon eyes proved otherwise. A dark demon he was, born of hellfire, spawned on this earth only for destruction, which is exactly what he brings with him on this cold night.
He sniffed the air once more then with urgency he told his minions " Spread out; hide behind tree's and bushes. stop whoever is coming...or die", he did not know for sure if it was them or a trap, but he would not take that chance with such a delicate mission. Around him twelve urgals shuffled and stumbled to get to their positions. the urgals were brutes, monsters that resembled men except they had bowed legs and thick brutish arms built for crushing, they all had a black, charcoal color to them, with huge black horns sprouting from their heads. Each one of them carried one short sword and a round iron sheild with black symbols on them. They rushed into the brush, the shade folowed smoothly, making no sound, and they waited silently. He remained unaturally quiet, watching the trail with a long pale sword in his hand, a wire-thin scratch curved down the blade. This weapon was thin enough to slip through a pair of ribs, yet strong enough to hack through any armor. Another gust of wind sent the scent up his nostrils again, this time much stonger. Excited, he lifted a thin lip in a snarl. "Get ready" he says.
Faint shapes started to emerge down the trail, then it became clear. Moving at incredible speed, three white horses and their riders raced down the trail. The first horse carried a male elf, slim but strong, a powerful bow slung on his back and a long sword attached to his side. The last rider had the same angled face and features but he carried a long spear at his right hand and a dagger on his belt, this elf wore a helm, made from amber and gold. Between these two riders rode a raven-haired elf lady who eyes shone with a driving force, her clothes were worn from travel, but her beauty was undiminished. she carried a pouch in her lap that she frequently looked at, as if to check if it was still there. The three elves rode past the shade, with no nowledge of his presence, as they came towards the urgals the shade gave the signal for attack.
The urgals shot many arrows and took down the two male elves, as the lady screamed for her dead companions. The shade jumped from the tree and yelled "Garjzla", as he did a red bolt flashed from his hand toward the elven lady, it struck her steed and she leaped off him, still holding the pouch. She glanced at her fallen companions, then darted away. As the urgals ran towards the fallen elves the shade screamed "After her!, she is the one I want!". The urgals crashed throught the tree's while the shade climbed onto a rock that jutted out from the ground, higher than the forest itself, he could now see the whole forest. He raised his hand and said "Boetk istalri" and a quarter-mile section of the forest burst into flames. He burned each section after another until it trapped the lady elf like a ring of fire, with her inside. He searched for the urgals and the elf when he heard a coarse scream, he looked towards the scream and saw a couple urgals fall with the elven lady runing from the fallen ones. He jumped and landed near her, she ran opposite towards the trail, but the urgals were there, she than ran towards more tree's but they were already burning. He raised his hand and said "Get her", as he urgals lunged for her she opene the pouch.
She pulled out a large oval shaped sapphire stone,shaped perfectly smooth, and raised i above her head. As he started saying frantic words the shade barked "Garjzla!" and a bolt of red sprang form his hand like an arrow, Straight for the woman. But he was to late, seconds before the bolt hit her a flash of emerald lit the stone and in an instant it vanished. She was struck a moment later and she fell from to the ground, unconsious. The shade walked over to her body, her beauty would of seduced any normal man, but it made no differece to him, he cursed at her then told th urgals to gather he up. As they left he put the fire's infront of him to make a path for him, the urgals, and the elf they carried, but he left the rest to burn.

Stout- Strong in body; sturdy.
Rapier- A light, sharp-pointed sword lacking a cutting edge and used only for thrusting.
Unadorned- Without adornment or embellishment; simple or plain.